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Amatuer Boxing class 3:30pm

with Coach Anthony Deavers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this boxing class for me?
- Yes, if you're an able body individual, boxing is a great way to learn self-defense and build up your confidence. It's also a fun way to work out your body, boxing as a form of fitness is fun and has great benefits. Only age limit is you must be 9 and over for this class. We have a kids class for children 5 and up.

What are the benefits?

- Great question, one of the biggest benefits of boxing class is weight loss. Other benefits of taking our Elite Pro Boxing Class are:

- Improved muscle definition.

- Great way to increase conditioning (breathing capacity).

- Helps reduce and release stress in a positive way.

- You learn boxing techniques.

- Increased endurance.

- Helps you focus.

I'm new, can I join the class too?
Yes, our amateur boxing class at Elite Pro Boxing gym in Santa Fe

Springs is for all levels. Whether you are just starting or have some experience, you will still learn and benefit from our amateur boxing class. Don't wait, you can join us now. Just CONTACT US.

I haven't trained in a long time but want to get back in shape. Will I be ok? or is it to much?
While the Elite Pro Boxing class is high intensity, you don't have to feel overwhelmed. We have different variations of the drills so that you can work at your comfortable level, but I will push you to give me your best. Don't hesitate come down to Elite Pro Boxing in Santa Fe Springs or CONTACT US and set up an appointment.

Do I need to have boxing equipment like gloves and wraps and what do I wear for the Elite Pro Boxing classes?
You don't have to have them already, you can buy gloves and wraps at the gym. When you sign up you get complimentary boxing gloves with your registration fee. If you want to get your own, feel free buy them at any sporting good or boxing shop (If you have a boxing shop and want to get a link back CONTACT US for prices). Along with equipment we also sell water. As for what to wear, any gear you feel comfortable in, like shorts or sweats, t-shirt and sweaters.

Private Training Promotions:

When you sign up for our unlimited membership, (let us know you read this promo on the Elite Pro Boxing website.) You will get a FREE 20 minute private lesson ($40 VALUE) with one of our Elite Pro Boxing Coaches in Santa Fe Springs.

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