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 Road of the Champions

A group of seven boxers climb the ranks in hopes of becoming the next world boxing champion 

The Road of the Champions

There is a road, one of greatness, but only those who fight hard to stay on, feel the glory.  For centuries now a sport that has captivated man can now be defined by a signal line, this road, harder then walking a tight rope with no balance has been shaped by its predecessors, The narrow path hard to be in or on is called


"The Road of the Champions."

This Teaser for the upcoming show called "Road of the Champions" is base off of lives of real fighters, in real life situations. We go inside there world and take a closer look at how they prep there minds for the most noble and unforgiving sport in the world. We go behind close doors into the mysterious job of management and discover what makes or Breaks champion at War!!!

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