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Join Elite Pro Boxing Gym's Boxing classes, Kickboxing classes, Muay Thai MMA classes, and Kenpo Karate classesLocated in Santa Fe Springs.

No Experience needed. Our Boxing class, Kickboxing class, Muay Thai class, and Kenpo karate classes are for people of all fitness and skill levels. Contact us for information and join our classes for a fun way to lose weight, get toned, get a all around fitness workout, and of course to relieve stress. Give the website a tour and come check us out at Elite Pro Boxing Gym.

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Check out our services at ELite Pro Boxing


— Sabrina Rodriguez

"I Love the energy & people at the gym. Coach Shawn Estrada is Awesome! You never leave his class without getting a kick ass workout."

Featured Boxers

$20 per class or sign up for the monthly membership and save!!


Luis Alberto
"El Venado"

Home and training camp of current IBF Featherweight World Champion Alberto " El Venado" Lopez, from Hometown Mexicali, Mexico. Elite Pro Boxing in Santa Fe Springs.

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Class Schedule

-Class Schedule-

Find time to build the champion

within you, customize your training to your work and school schedule

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9AM TO 9PM Monday - Friday

9AM to 3:30PM Saturday

Elite Pro Boxing, Promotion, Loction, Management

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Make us your number one boxing gym, Mark your calendars and set the date for your Elite pro Boxing class Workout. COME BY , TRAIN TODAY!!!

Join the #1 BOXING GYM in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Come join our classes at Elite Pro Boxing Gym and train with professionals in their respective field of martial arts and boxing. The Boxing Gym is open from 9am to 9pm so whether you're a homemaker, part of the work force, a student, or looking to fight or box amateur or professionally, we are here to help you. When you become a member, you're not just joining a gym, you are joining the family, we provide a great experience and fun workouts.

Our main focus at Elite Pro Boxing Gym is to teach you boxing and or other martial arts techniques, help you improve, and be part of the journey to reach your individual fitness goals. Taking our boxing classes or one of our bootcamp classes, is a great workout and a great way to release some stress from the demands of your daily lives.

 Cancellation policy:

If you can't make a private boxing session, remember to please contact us or your coach with at least a 12 hours advance notice. If not it will still count as a session. (This applies to promotions and or complimentary private sessions). We appreciate your understanding of said policy as we can't make exceptions.

 Boxing Questions:

If you have boxing questions you can look at our boxing FAQ. If you have additional questions you can contact us and ask.

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